Campus Health and Safety
March 2015
Red Packet Reuse and Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Test

Red Packet Reuse

We are all happy to receive red packets during the Chinese New Year.  However, we need to trim down roughly about 60 trees for making one million of red packets every year!  
HKUST is always committed to develop a green and sustainable culture in our campus community! In recent years, HSEO has been working with SHRLO to launch a campaign to collect reusable red packets.  This year, over 5,000 used red packets were collected on campus and delivered to some non-profit making organizations in Hong Kong for arrangement of reusing them in the coming year. 
Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Test
Vehicle exhaust emissions are the main source of air pollutants!  This year, The Environmental Protection Department in coordination with HSEO conducted a survey on air pollutants emitted from private cars in HKUST. The test was conducted at LG6 open car park in February.  Staff members were eligible to join the survey and had their cars tested there.  We were very pleased to know that the participation rate of this activity was really high and the campaign had to be extended from 3 days to 4 days as requested by our stakeholders. The success of this event clearly reflected the good sustainable culture among all of us.