Campus Health and Safety
December 2014
Free Vehicle Emissions Tests on Campus

If you are a driver, you know that gas prices are high and the cost of maintaining a car in Hong Kong can be expensive.  But here is some good news – news that will help you save money and help the environment! HKUST is proud to announce that we will be partnering with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to provide a free vehicle emissions and fuel consumption test in our campus car park in January 2015. Not only is it free, participants will receive a $50 gas coupon in addition to a detailed test report that will show more ways to fine-tune your car to increase your fuel economy and save gas.

The effort only takes about 20 minutes and through a series of tests, the experts will evaluate how efficiently your motor is running and whether any slight tweaks or adjustments can help the car run smoother.  Most conveniently, the testing will come right to us.  The EPD will come to HKUST's Clear Water Bay campus and set up their mobile, transportable vehicle testing facility in our LG6 open car park.  
When cars are operating the way they are designed, the emissions from the tail pipes are actually quite low. Car manufacturers recently have made great strides in improving the way engines burn fuel while minimizing the harmful exhausts.  However, cars are complex machines and can be knocked out of their peak performance levels by bumps in the road, worn tires, and typical wear and tear and age.  These factors not only slow down the cars, but also drive up fuel consumption because the car needs to work harder. As the engine works harder, it cannot burn the fuel as efficiently and cleanly, so some of the unburned fuel comes out of the exhaust pipe in the form of smoke or other harmful emissions.  
Fortunately there are often quick and easy ways to solve these issues – if you know where to look.  That's where the mobile testing facility comes in.  When the experts test your car, they will be able to identify areas where improvements are possible and can improve your vehicle's performance.  Sometimes the solutions are as simple as pumping up your tires or changing an air filter.   
So get your car back to tip-top shape – it is easy, fast, free, and you'll get a $50 gas coupon too.  Who knew protecting the environment could be so profitable?