Campus Health and Safety
December 2014
Health Tips for the Holiday Season
As the winter holiday season arrives, we need to take extra care to stay healthy.  Here are some health tips for the season:
Don't get the flu, it is no fun.
December is the beginning of the flu season in HK. Stay healthy by having adequate rest and exercise regularly.  Take the flu shot to reduce the chance of getting influenza.  Practice good environmental hygiene by having good ventilation and regular cleaning and disinfection of facilities.  Maintain good personal hygiene of frequent hand washing and avoid touching eyes, mouth and nose before washing hands.  If sick, get medical treatment; minimize contact and wear mask to limit the spread of infection.
If plan to travel, watch out for communicable diseases.
If plan to travel, be aware of the potential threat of communicable diseases of the destination (e.g. dysenteries in areas with unsafe drinking water, dengue fever in south east Asia, influenza outbreaks in the North, Ebola virus disease in west Africa, etc.), learn about safety measures and take necessary precautions.  
Indulge in moderation
With many parties and meal gatherings, enjoy the food and libations in moderation.  Eat healthily and minimize not-so-healthy items such as foods with high salt, fat and sugar.  Indulge in moderation to limit additional calorie intake.  For example, intake of 100 gm of chocolate will add about 600 calories which will require about an hour of vigorous bicycling to burn off. Consume alcoholic drinks in moderation, especially if one has to drive.  Never drink and drive!
Keep warm to avoid cold stress; be cautious
If participating in outdoor activities, wear sufficient clothing to keep warm.  In the indoor environment, never generate heat by burning fossil fuel without good general ventilation.  Toxic gases built up from fossil fuel burning can be deadly.  If electrical heaters are used, make sure to avoid current overdrawn from an extension cord with many other appliances plugged in. This will overheat the circuit and may cause disastrous fires.
Maintain healthy lifestyles and overall well-being
Continue to exercise, avoid late meals, ensure adequate sleep and rest, and maintain your regular healthy routines as much as possible.  This way you will not be worn out and come back from the holidays all exhausted.
Be mindful of psychological health
People with limited social circles often feel more lonely and depressed during holiday seasons.  Spread the warm by thinking about those in need and take action to share happiness with them.  In return, this will enhance one's own emotional well-being and gratification.  After all, kindness and sharing are what this Holiday Season is all about!