Dean's Message
Summer 2014 No.25
Trio of Top Performers Receive SENG PhD Honors
The School of Engineering (SENG) PhD Research Excellence Awards 2013-14 have been awarded to recipients from three different departments in recognition of their influential contributions to their discipline during their PhD studies at the University.
Dr Adetoyese Olajire Oyedun, 2014 graduate of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with Energy Concentration and a 2010 Hong Kong PhD Fellowship awardee, received the honor for research that has enabled him to propose three different operating strategies to solve the problem of high-energy usage during pyrolysis of solid wastes, such as bamboo and plastics. He has presented his work at five international conferences and published 16 peer-reviewed papers (eight as first author).
2013 graduate Dr Denis Guangyin Chen, Electronic and Computer Engineering, sought to address the sensing needs of future mobile imaging, sensor networks, and biomedical instrumentation. His work on low-power micro-electronic sensors, compressive imaging, and laser Doppler imaging has produced seven peer-reviewed papers in top journals in his field (five as first author), a US patent, and has been presented at four international conferences.
Dr Biao Zhang, 2013 graduate of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, concentrated his research efforts on advanced materials for energy storage devices, including fabrication of metal oxide/nanocarbon composites and their electrochemical performance as electrodes in Li-ion batteries and supercapacitors. He has published 24 peer-reviewed papers, which have been cited around 400 times.
Dr Oyedun has become a postdoctoral fellow and Dr Zhang is currently a visiting scholar in their respective departments at HKUST. Dr Chen has been recruited to work as a sensing systems hardware engineer (optical) at Apple Inc’s Cupertino headquarters in California.