Dean's Message
Summer 2014 No.25
Researchers Collect National Science and Technology Awards
School of Engineering researchers have received two honors in the 2013 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology), presented by the Ministry of Education.
A First Class Award in Scientific and Technological Progress was awarded to Prof Charles W W Ng, Chair Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, his collaborators from Tianjin University and Mainland China industry partners, who have developed a new theory and calculation methods for building underground structures in a more economical and faster way without compromising safety. They also identified key controlling factors which shed new light on deformation and failing mechanisms in deep underground structures. 
A Second Class Award in Natural Science was presented to postdoctoral fellow Dr Tian Fang, Computer Science and Engineering, and collaborators from Beijing Normal University and Wuhan University, who put forward a series of novel approaches to improve clarity and segmentation accuracy when building complex 3D city models. 
The Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards recognize leading research projects at tertiary institutions in China and are presented to individuals or units that have made remarkable contributions in the areas of scientific discovery, technological innovation, science and technology advancement, and the implementation of patented technologies.