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Contractor Safety Incentive Scheme
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June 2014
Contractor Safety Incentive Scheme
In Hong Kong, the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance (OSHO) Chapter 509 imposes a "general duty of care" on employers, occupiers of the premises and employees. Stakeholders including staff, students, visitors and contractors in the University should be aware that the ordinance is not only applicable to proprietors or owners of the workplace, but also to occupiers or persons having direct control of the workplace. 
In ensuring a safe and healthy workplace environment for the stakeholders, head of department and officer-in-charge of the relevant units have the responsibility to establish their departmental safety management programs as well as safe systems and integrate them into the general management framework of their operations. 
Contractor safety is one of our concerns as many contractors' employees are serving different roles in the University. Some of them are working in the construction areas or the catering outlets while others are providing housekeeping, security and repair or maintenance services. Their safety performance does not only influence the overall safety performance of the University but also impacts the well being of our campus community. HSEO is taking a proactive approach in managing and monitoring their safety performance and to motivate them to perform or behave safely in their daily operations. 
In 2011, HSEO started to launch the Contractor Safety Performance Award for term contractors. The main purpose of the award is to reduce the number of accidents by providing motivation and incentives. When the contractors are able to achieve the identified safety targets, they will be recognized by an award. This has evolved to become an annual event. This year, nominations for this award have been invited; any term contractor who has not incurred any "lost workday accidents" for twelve consecutive months or more by the end of May 2014 is eligible to receive the award from HSEO.