JUNE 2014
Four Distinguished Leaders Awarded Honorary Fellowships
At the Honorary Fellowships Presentation Ceremony: (from left) Council Vice-Chairman Mr Martin Y Tang, Dr David Sin Wai-kin, The Hon Abraham Shek Lai-him, Mr Ron McEachern, Dr Winnie Ko Pui-shuen and President Prof Tony F Chan.

On June 20, HKUST held its annual ceremony for the award of Honorary Fellowship.  Officiating at the ceremony were Mr Martin Y Tang, Vice-Chairman of HKUST Council, and Prof Tony F Chan, President of HKUST. The four distinguished leaders awarded were Dr Winnie Ko Pui-shuen, Mr Ron McEachern, The Hon Abraham Shek Lai-him and Dr David Sin Wai-kin.  Prof Chan honored their personal achievements and exemplary public service. “They exemplify the values we would like to impart to our students: a respect for tradition, an attitude that never settles for less, and a passionate, courageous spirit to innovate. They are ideal models for our students and the new generation.”

Brief biographies of the four honorary fellows:

Dr Winnie Ko Pui-shuen, BBS, Chairman of Kingrich Asia Holdings Limited, is a successful entrepreneur.  She is Honorary President of the Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Community Organizations and Director of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce.  She has played a significant role in cultural philanthropy, supporting various educational causes and the promotion of Buddhism.  She received the Bronze Bauhinia Star in 2012 and the World Outstanding Chinese Award in 2007 for her contributions to the community and the business sector.  Dr Ko has sponsored the preservation of ancient maps and rare works of science and technology at HKUST, and the establishment of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow Chamber of Commerce Ko Pui Shuen Gallery.  She also funded a scholarship for postgraduates at HKUST.

Mr Ron McEachern is the former President of PepsiCo Asia. He joined HKUST’s School of Business and Management as an Adjunct Professor after his retirement in 2008.  Having worked in PepsiCo for 24 years, half of which spent in Asia, Mr McEachern demonstrated how to blend a western company into Asian culture.  Under his leadership, PepsiCo’s saw annual double-digit growth in revenue, profit as well as sales volume.  Transferring his knowledge and insights into education, Mr McEachern became a highly popular teacher in HKUST, teaching top-rated MBA electives on branding and marketing in China.  He has also taught HKUST’s jointly run world No. 1 Executive MBA program, and lectured at TRIUM, Oxford University and Queen’s University, Canada.

The Hon Abraham Shek Lai-him, GBS, JP, has been a legislator of the real estate and construction functional constituency in the past 14 years.  He joined the shipping industry in the 70s.  Later he took the role of Commercial Director of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation.  In 1987, Mr Shek joined the Land Development Corporation – the forerunner of the Urban Renewal Authority, as Chief Executive, during which 15 projects were completed.  He sits on the board of many major corporations.  He was made a Justice of the Peace in 1995, and he received a Silver Bauhinia Star in 2007 and a Gold Bauhinia Star in 2013 for his distinguished public and community work.  He has served as a member of HKUST Council, and is now a Court member.  Mr Shek has facilitated the smooth passage for amendments to the HKUST Ordinance in 2008 and offered invaluable advice to the University’s campus design.

Dr David Sin Wai-kin is a business leader in jewelry and real estate.  He founded Myer Jewelry Manufacturer Ltd and co-founded the property giant multinational New World Development Company Limited in the 70s, serving the latter as an Executive Director for over four decades.  He is currently Vice-Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director of Miramar Hotel and Investment Company Ltd, and Honorary Chairman of Hip Hing Construction Company Limited.  He was also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Hang Seng Bank Limited.  Dr Sin has been a staunch supporter of higher education in Hong Kong and the Mainland through the Sin Wai Kin Foundation.  He also established the Sin Wai Kin Professorship in Chinese Culture at HKUST to promote academic excellence.