Dean's Message
Fall 2013  No.24
SENG Academics' Leading Role in Discovery Recognized
Pioneering School of Engineering academics and their research teams have won three major national honors in the Ministry of Education's Awards for Research Excellence in Natural Sciences 2012, endorsing the contribution that the School's researchers are making to development in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The awards recognize outstanding research projects being carried out at tertiary institutions throughout China. 
Prof Furong Gao
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Research Excellence in Natural Sciences (First Class)
Prof Furong Gao was recognized for his major discoveries in batch process control systems. Prof Gao has been investigating this area since 1995, together with Zhejiang University researchers (previously PhD students and researchers at HKUST). Breakthroughs have encompassed process control and monitoring, quality prediction, process optimization and new quality measurement technology, with results set to underpin the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries.
Prof Christopher Leung
Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Research Excellence in Natural Sciences (First Class)
The development of high-toughness fiber-reinforced cementitious composites has been a major focus of research for Prof Christopher Leung since 1992. During this time, Prof Leung has worked with collaborators from Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Shantou University and Dalian University of Technology on numerous studies, leading to exciting advances. The materials developed have shown excellent tensile ductility and crack control, while their high-energy absorption capability has enabled them to be used in earthquake-resistant structures. Both materials and corresponding testing/design approaches have good potential for major infrastructure projects in China and other developing countries.
Prof Matthew Yuen
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 
Research Excellence in Natural Sciences (Second Class)
With primary funding support provided by the Hong Kong government's Innovation and Technology Commission, Prof Matthew Yuen and his PhD students have gone on to successfully develop 3D computer simulation technology featuring 3D parametric human body modeling, material draping, and simulated garment fitting, among other functions. The outcomes have been widely translated into benefits for industry, with fashion design and garment-makers trained in the system by Hong Kong's Clothing Industry Training Authority. The research team's publications on the technologies have also been widely cited.