Dean's Message
Fall 2013  No.24
Student & Researcher Honors, Awards & Achievements
A team of 10 Year 2 Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering students won the Championship in the 2nd Greater China Region Design Competition, organized by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The event was held at South China University of Technology in Guangzhou. Teams were asked to design and build a model car propelled by the gravitational potential energy of one liter of water placed at a vertical height of one meter. In the contest test runs, the HKUST prototype covered the most distance. Members of the team also delivered an excellent presentation, impressing the judges with their technical knowledge.
Computer Science and Engineering undergraduates Ho Pan Chan (Dual Degree) and Umair Ali Syed and their School of Business and Management teammates developed the Sensbeat music app, which was chosen as one of the "Top 5 Innovative Apps" at the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) Beijing, Asia's largest and most influential mobile industry event. The team also reached the final of Start-Up@Singapore, a flagship National University of Singapore entrepreneurship competition. When someone is listening to music, Sensbeat recognizes the track and enables the song, artist, and location of the listener to instantly be displayed on Facebook. Information on the app can be found at
In a distinguished achievement, papers by Electronic and Computer Engineering postgraduates secured the top two spots in the Charitat Award at the 25th International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices and ICs (ISPSD). The gathering was held in Japan in May. The papers were Qimeng Jiang's “High-Voltage Enhancement/Depletion-Mode AlGaN/GaN HEMTs on Modified SOI Substrates" in first place and Lulu Peng's "A Novel 3D TSV Transformer Technology for Digital Isolator Gate Driver Applications" in second place. The students are supervised by Prof Kevin Chen and Prof Johnny Sin respectively.
Bioengineering PhD student Chandra Jinata, a Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme student from Indonesia, was chosen by the Indonesia Government as one of five representatives to attend the G20 Youth Summit (Y20) in Russia in June. The premier global gathering brings together young leaders representing G20 countries to discuss major international issues, promote cross-cultural understanding and build networking. Chandra was chosen after a fierce three-round interview process, competing against more than 200 other applicants from his home country.
The paper "Automatic Patch Generation Learned from Human-Written Patches" by postdoctoral fellow Dr Dongsun Kim, PhD student Jaechang Nam, MPhil student Jaewoo Song, and Prof Sunghun Kim, all Computer Science and Engineering, received a SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) 2013 in San Francisco. ICSE is the premier conference for software engineering.
PhD student Ting Lei, Electronic and Computer Engineering, received the Best Student Paper Award (Champion) in the 13th IEEE Photonics Society (Hong Kong Chapter) Postgraduate Conference. His winning paper was entitled "Microparticle Fractionation Using Optical Lattices from Silicon-on-Insulator Multimode Interferometer Waveguides", co-authored with PhD student Jiawei Wang and Prof Andrew Poon. The conference involved 25 oral presentations by postgraduate students from five local institutions.
PhD student Chun Hang Leung, Civil and Environmental Engineering, received the Best Paper Award for the Structural and Materials category in the Papers Competition 2012, organized by the Institution of Civil Engineers Hong Kong Association (ICE HKA) Graduates & Students Division. The paper centered on "Inelastic Behavior of RC Beam-Column Joints under Seismic Loading".
PhD candidate Yongxin Tong, Computer Science and Engineering, was awarded a Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship 2012. Each of the 10 awardees has an opportunity to complete an internship at Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing. PhD candidates from 45 academic research institutions were nominated in 2012. Yongxin's research goal is to effectively discover and manage the hidden correlation and rules over massive uncertain data.
Computer Science and Engineering postgraduates and alumni gained two best paper awards at IEEE Globecom, the premier conference of the IEEE Communications Society. Only 15 Best Paper Awards were granted out of 2,560 paper submissions. The conference encompasses the entire range of communications technologies. The winning papers were: "FCM: Frequency Domain Cooperative Sensing and Multi-Channel Contention for CRAHNs" by PhD students Lu Wang and Jiang Xiao, alumnus Kaishun Wu, and Prof Mounir Hamdi; and "deStress: Mobile and Remote Stress Monitoring, Alleviation, and Management Platform" by alumni Jin Zhang and Dawei Chen, Prof Qian Zhang, and an industry collaborator.
The paper "FIMD: Fine-Grained Device-Free Motion Detection" by PhD students Jiang Xiao and Lu Wang, alumnus Kaishun Wu, former Research Assistant Youwen Yi, and Prof Lionel Ni, all Computer Science and Engineering, was awarded the Best Paper Award at the 18th IEEE International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Systems (ICPADS) 2012 out of nearly 300 entries. 
Computer Science and Engineering PhD candidate Guoli Ye received a Best Student Paper Award at the 8th International Symposium on Chinese Spoken Language Processing (ISCSLP-2012). The paper was entitled "Speaker-Ensemble Hidden Markov Modeling for Automatic Speech Recognition", co-authored by Prof Brian Mak.