June 2013
You Give Students Thrive


In order to build on the success of the Alumni Endowment Fund (AEF) in its inaugural year of 2012 and bring about an even better learning environment for students, the goal for 2013 is to expand the pool of donors to encompass more alumni. Around 800 alumni members contributed last year, and of those around 13 percent donate regularly – the aim is to boost both these numbers in 2013.

Alumni participation in giving at any level is greatly appreciated by everyone at HKUST, and especially by the students who benefit the most from your generosity. Many graduates think that only the "rich" or those who have reached the pinnacle of their careers donate to their alma mater, but in fact this is not so. Every contribution, no matter how small, is extremely welcome and can make a huge difference to individual students. The University recognizes your contributions with a variety of naming opportunities in appreciation of your keen support.

Desk at Library Chevalier Learning Commons


Classroom at Library Chevalier Learning Commons


Seat at Citigroup Lecture Theater (LTA)


Tree at the Walkway near the Lo Ka Chung University Center


Please donate online or fill in the donation form on the back cover.