June 2013
Growing Networks

With the alumni network expanding fast, alumni's footprints can be traced to almost every corner of the world. President Professor Tony Chan and Vice-President Dr Eden Woon grasped the invaluable opportunity to host the first-ever reunions in Tel Aviv and Istanbul, where there are growing number of USTers, during their trip to Israel and Turkey in late April – early May.

Tel Your Story
This pleasant dinner in Tel Aviv was attended by alumni who are either working or pursuing postgraduate degrees in Israel, along with professors of the HKUST delegation. Thank you to Karry Wong for lining up this debut reunion.
Turkish Delight
Thanks to Kaan Karatas's coordination, alumni and once exchange-in students in Istanbul enjoyed a relaxing Saturday breakfast where they had a good chat with Professor Chan, Dr Woon and professors about their career developments. They were all delighted to see the soaring advancements of their alma mater. 
Golden Gate Gatherings
Alumni in San Francisco have formed a circle to further connect themselves in the Bay Area. A farewell party was held in Palo Alto last August to celebrate Frederick Fong's successful completion of his PhD degree at Stanford University.
This was followed by another hot‐pot dinner and karaoke session later in the month, with many enthusiastic buddies joining in.
Over 50 engineering alumni and friends in San Francisco gathered at the alumni reception at Hotel Palomar, specially co-hosted by the School of Engineering, Center for Industry Engagement & Internship, and Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering, in February. Professor Ross Murch, Head of Department, and professors were thrilled to welcome their students.
Boston Tea Party
Close ties among alumni based in the US were highlighted when a group of graduates, physics or math majors from 2005 to 2007, got together in Boston. They are particularly close to each other as they all got their PhD degrees at Stanford, Columbia or University of California last summer, and have now become faculty members or researchers at well-known institutes including MIT, Harvard, Brown, Yale, Cornell and Kyoto.
Showing Diversity
Everyone agreed they had a wonderful occasion when alumni in Geneva gathered for dim sum lunch and visited the International Geneva Motor Show. The diversified reunions organized by enthusiastic alumni based in Switzerland contribute to the durable friendship among UST buddies there.