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Safety Reminders of Student Activities at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium
March 2013
Safety Reminders of Student Activities at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium
The annual event "Election Campaign of the Student Societies" is scheduled to be held at The Hong Kong Jockey Club Atrium in the month of February each year.  Before and during the event, the organizers of each student society should know their responsibility in ensuring the safety of participants and other stakeholders in the University. 
To control hazards, all reasonable and practicable safety precautions should be taken by all organizers. The following are potential hazards that may encounter in the event: 
  • Slip/trip/fall of person when carrying out erection of promotion booths, hanging of banners at height or sitting on top of the ladder for promotion. 
  • Cut by sharp objects.
  • Fall of objects due to insecure of material or under strong wind condition.
  • Danger of fire due to unauthorized heating up of food stuff or improper storage of flammable items for promotion.
  • Danger of electric shock by using sub-standard electrical appliances/equipment.
  • Danger of food poisoning due to hygienic problem of food stuff.
  • Feeling distressed when participants are afraid to get things wrong or have physical difficulty to perform the task. 
  • Musculoskeletal problem due to underestimating the risk of lifting or moving heavy objects. 
  • Feeling uncomfortable under the noisy environment induced by student chanting.
  • Failure to pay proper attention, underestimating the risk or tending to compromise on safety standard in order to complete the task faster.

For accident prevention, organizers of each student society should take the following into consideration:

  • Recognize all potential hazards and be held accountable for the safety of the activities. 
  • Remind participants of any possible risk and the safety requirements. 
  • Ensure that the risks to the safety of all stakeholders are properly managed and addressed. 
  • Arrange proper equipment/tools for carrying out the preparation/decoration works.
  • Seek advice from Student Affairs Office (SAO) or Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) if in doubt!  
The following is the "3 Steps Approach" in managing safety:
  1. Identify hazards: Do you see any unsafe behaviors or conditions? Who is at risk of getting injured?
  2. Evaluate hazards: What could happen? How high of the risk level is on each hazard?
  3. Control hazards: Provide reasonable and practicable solutions to control or eliminate hazards.

Please try to identify hazards from the photos! 

The University provides security service on campus 24 hours a day. For emergency: please call 2358 8999 (Security Control Centre), or telephone extension 8999!