Dean's Message
Spring 2013  No.23
Teaching Excellence Honored

Three professors from different departments have been recognized for their innovative and continuous excellence in undergraduate teaching and promotion of students’ learning in the School of Engineering Teaching Excellence Appreciation Award 2011-12.

Prof Jack Cheng, Civil and Environmental Engineering, received the Distinguished Teaching Award for his work on outcome-based education and enhancement of students’ exposure to real-world engineering practice. A graduate of HKUST, he has also provided great mentorship to undergraduate students as an advisor to the Civil and Environmental Engineering Students’ Society and a clan chief to the School’s four-year degree students. A clan chief is one of the important figures in the School’s innovative student support system.

Prof David Rossiter, Computer Science and Engineering, and Prof Ling Shi, Electronic and Computer Engineering, received Teaching Awards. Both have made substantial contributions to the four-year curriculum. In addition, Prof Rossiter has secured remarkably high student evaluations over different courses and a number of years. Prof Shi has developed a key, hands-on introductory course, actively seeking and using feedback to improve it. He also serves as the Department’s Mainland Student Coordinator.