December 2012
Alumni Inspire Alumni

Dear Alumni,

No matter how long it has been since we graduated, our connection to HKUST never ends. Some alumni remain actively linked to our alma mater, while others may still be seeking meaningful ways to get involved.

The Executive Committee of HKUSTAA Session 2012-14, of which I am President, has formed Alumni First – that is, the A1 Team. A1 is dedicated to helping alumni connect with each other through the core value of "We are Family". We would like to create a sense of belonging for our members through unconditional care, providing immediate help and inspiring advice to each other, just as your family members do.

In achieving our A1 vision of "Alumni Inspire Alumni", we wish to create an open platform for our alumni to interact with one another through engaging events under our three-pillar structure, namely Alumni Engagement, Community Service and Entrepreneur Circle. By organizing activities in these three areas, we want to let our fellows re-connect and inspire each other through our heartfelt arrangements.

Since your first day on campus to graduation and beyond, we are always connected. Together, we will promote the best image of our alumni, our students and the University through close communication and active participation.

After all, HKUST is always your true home. No matter how far you are away from home, it's time to come back and join our family.

Yours sincerely,
Alvin Lam, President, HKUSTAA Session 2012-14

Alvin Lam
Ronny Hui
Gigi Wong
Chui Yiu Man
Becky Lee
Albert Hui
Sharon Ching
Beryl Kwan
Ben Chiu
Fiona Lo
Samson Liu
Vanessa Ho
Sean Lin
Wilson Pang
Dicky Yuen
Catherine Cheng
Jennifer Luk
Peter Yeung
Matthew Tang
Connie Lee
Christina Tang
Benny Chan
Ivy Cheung
Craig Jo
Terry Tsang
Samson Li
Alex Cheng
William Fong
Alex Li
Anthony Law
Carter Lam
Chris Chan
Eric Yung
John Pang
Nicole Lai
Ivan So
Paul Pan
Alex Leung
Dicky Chan
Victor Yip
Taylor Li
Rachel Yan
Ivan Ge
William Tsang
Calvin Leung
Bennet Tsui
Kevin So
Jason Kwok
Clayton Choy
Benny Hui
David Wan
Elaine Hung
Davin Chan
Winnie Lam
Thomas Tsai