Dean's Message
Summer 2012  No.22
Working Together
to Improve What We Wear

Prof Ravindra Goonetilleke, Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, is collaborating on an innovative online thermal manikin laboratory project in which anyone, anywhere in the world, can participate.

Working with health scientist Prof Uwe Reischl, Boise State University, Idaho, US, and Reach-in, a technology service provider which conducts experiments and explores internet medicine in a real-time situation, Prof Goonetilleke is measuring the thermal characteristics of protective clothing worn by people involved in hot outdoor activities in different climates. The online experiment has been set up in a way that allows the start-up of a manikin, adjustment of the required variables, and testing of the insulation of various types of garments from a remote location without physical presence.

The research has already contributed to the development of clothing systems for those working in agriculture. The garment design principles can also be used by athletes and others in hot outdoor environments. For further details, visit