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September 2012
The New Health Center at HKUST

In order to meet the significant increase in demand anticipated for medical services on campus in the new academic year beginning in September 2012, a decision had been made to expand the existing Health Center which consists of 3 separate clinics, namely, the Medical Clinic, the Student Dental Clinic and the Staff Dental Clinic. After some studies, it was considered most feasible for the new Health Center to be built at its original location, with additional space acquired from the available space at the adjacent area.

The project began in June 2012 and was completed in early September 2012, on time to provide services on the first day of the new academic year. During the construction period, medical services continued to be provided at a temporary clinic constructed nearby.

Most of the additional space acquired was allocated to the Medical Clinic which was considered most in need of it. If you have a chance to visit the new Medical Clinic, the first thing you will notice is its much more spacious waiting area which is more than 2 times of the original area. In order to provide more flexibility and wider variety of services, more rooms have been partitioned, including 4 GP consultation rooms, a SP consultation room, a general treatment room, a dedicated physiotherapy treatment room, and a room reserved for special purposes. The manpower in the Medical Clinic has also been increased with an additional GP doctor and a registered nurse.

The Student Dental Clinic remains at its original location. However, enhancement works have been made at the reception counter, including an enclosed waiting area for the student users.

The Staff Dental Clinic has been moved to the adjacent area newly acquired. Since most of the furniture and equipment in the original Clinic had been in service since the opening of the Clinic some 20 years ago, most of them have been replaced, including the 2 dental chairs.

The ventilation system for the entire Health Center has also been enhanced, with more fresh air supply to the area by the installation of new air handling and ventilation units.

The entrance to this new Health Center is located at the original position, i.e. LG1 via Lift no. 4.  An additional entrance has also been provided which is located at the LG1 open car park.