Dean's Message
Spring 2012  No.21
Diverse World of Disneyland Industrial Engineer

Ken Leung, 1996 BEng (Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management), is now Industrial Engineering Project Manager at Hong Kong Disneyland, where the flexibility and analytical thinking he learnt as a student is helping him to solve different business challenges

"I have been curious how corporations run and systems operate since I was young. The field of industrial engineering fascinates me because it equips you with principles and analytical engineering methodologies which can be used to solve complex business problems.

"Back in the early 1990s, I was among the first cohort of students admitted to SENG's industrial engineering undergraduate program. A new university at that time, HKUST has gone on to demonstrate itself to be a truly forward-looking institution. Indeed, this was already reflected in the curriculum design for my program, which covered topics dealing with the latest developments in the field and adopted a wide perspective.

"In today's corporate world, senior executives make business decisions based on objective justifications. At SENG, students gain skills such as quantitative analysis and systematic thinking which provide a firm basis for decision-making.

"What I enjoy about the life of an industrial engineer is the variety. At Hong Kong Disneyland, for example, I have taken part in projects ranging from the design of flow logistics for the central kitchen to the development of the FASTPASS system, from implementation of radio-frequency identification (RFID) for park-wide costume distribution and tracking to the planning of requirements for marathon runners in the resort area.

"Such assignments are just part of the exciting work for industrial engineers at Hong Kong Disneyland as we look for innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and improve our guests' experience."