Dean's Message
Spring 2012  No.21
Ambassadors Design Memorable Introduction to Engineering at HKUST Summer Institute

The enthusiasm of SENG students for their field saw two entertaining and inspiring Engineering Get2Gathers arranged for HKUST's first Summer Institute for Secondary School Students last July and August. The events gave summer school participants insight into the world of engineering and technology, and a chance to meet current undergraduates and alumni.

Organized by SENG Student Ambassadors and supported by the Engineering Students' Union and the School, the gatherings drew over 100 participants from 59 secondary schools. 

As part of the program, students took part in interactive games specially designed to increase their understanding of engineering and the application of science and technology. Feedback showed the school students enjoyed the fun atmosphere, were interested in the activities, and welcomed getting to know new friends. The first gathering proved so popular that participants continued to talk to each other, and SENG students, long after the event was due to end and many attended the second event as well.

The Engineering Get2Gathers also reflected the successful application of training received by the SENG Student Ambassadors, an elite program enabling students to represent the School and promote engineering to prospective students and the public. The ambassadors conceived, planned, produced the props and materials for games, and acted as MCs. There are over 20 student and head ambassadors in the current team. Recruitment for 2012-13 starts soon.