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The Medical Clinic Expansion Project
May 2012
The Medical Clinic Expansion Project

To cope with the anticipated increase in service demand for our Medical Clinic due to the 3-3-4 curriculum conversion, the existing Medical Clinic will need to be expanded in terms of both manpower and physical space.

In terms of manpower, a medical doctor and a registered nurse will be added to the serving team in the current Medical Clinic. In terms of space, the Medical Clinic at the current location will be expanded by utilizing the available space adjacent to the Health Center.

The expansion project will include the following works:

  • The current Staff Dental Clinic will be taken down and rebuilt with new dental facilities at an adjacent location to make room for the expansion of the new Medical Clinic.
  • The Medical Clinic will be expanded more or less at the same location with more consultation rooms and a much larger waiting area.
  • The existing Student Dental Clinic will remain at its current location with minor enhancement works.
  •  A new and enhanced ventilation system will be installed to replace the existing one for the entire Health Center.

The expansion project has been scheduled to commence at the beginning of June 2012 and finish before September 2012. During this period, the following service arrangements will be implemented as the temporary measures:

  • A temporary clinic will be built for providing medical services. The venue will be at LG1027 (the room opposite the main entrance of the current Health Center). The works for building this temporary clinic will start a few weeks before the works for the expansion project in order to ensure the continuation of medical services during the transition.
  • On campus staff dental services will have to be suspended during the project period. Eligible staff members can receive their dental services at other designated dental clinics off the campus.
  • On campus student dental services will also be suspended during the project period. Arrangements will be made with the services provider for limited dental services at specified dental clinic off the campus. The details will be announced at a later stage.