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Mr Ho (left) being presented Gold Award and Certificate for Best Security Professional by Assistant Commissioner of Police
The Security Section celebrates double happiness. Mr Michael Choi, Manager (2nd from right), is pleased
at Security Section
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Throughout the years, HKUST has nurtured many talented scholars and students. The University campus has become an ideal location for studies and research due to the hard work of many unsung heroes, and among them are members of the HKUST Security Section.

The Security Section's efforts were recognized as it was awarded the Best Partner Award by the Regional Crime Prevention Office of Kowloon East recently. Mr Shun-sing Ho, Superintendent at the Security Section, won the Gold Award for the Best Security Professional 2010-2011 in the same region.

Mr Ho was awarded because of his performance when handling an assault on campus. "I yelled at the suspect to stop him, while protecting the injured and calling colleagues for help. I helped the suspect calm down, and soon after he was able to control his emotions. He gave up the idea of hurting the victim and was later under arrest," said Ho who expressed gratifications to his colleagues. The trophy is now sitting in the office of the Security Section, showcasing the collaborative efforts and good deeds of its members.

Since winning the award, Mr Ho had been invited by the Fight Crime Committee to present the case and the way it was handled to police constables. As a member of the Security Section, Mr Ho has abundant knowledge of counselling and crisis handling. A veteran of the St John's Ambulance Brigade for the past 40 years, he has been saving lives on ambulances and has been awarded the Community Service Award by the Brigade and the Bronze award by the Social Welfare Department. Having been awarded by HKUST's President and Staff Association, he said humbly, "It is nothing special; it is our responsibilities to save lives and to contribute to society."

Security Manager of the Facilities Management Office Mr Michael Choi stated, "All members of the HKUST Security Section have to receive training in fire prevention, first aid and smoke-and-fog prevention. We are well-trained to respond to emergencies such as accidents in laboratories. The Fight Crime Committee, after considering our case, selected us from among various institutions in Kowloon East and presented to us the Best Partners Award. We are particularly pleased as the award was presented by the Police."

The professionalism and dedication demonstrated by Mr Choi, Mr Ho and other members of the Section give us peace of mind to study and work on this beautiful HKUST campus with high security standards.