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HKUST Strengthens Mainland Relations
Prof Joseph Lee, Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies (2nd from left), Prof Tony F Chan, HKUST President (3rd from left), Mr Wan Qingliang, Party Secretary and Mayor of Guangzhou Municipality (4th from left), Prof Eden Y Woon, Vice-President for Institutional advancement (5th from left) and other guests at the ceremony

HKUST continues to strengthen collaborations with Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta Region and build relationships in the Changjiang River Delta Region and other major regions on the Mainland. Riding on opportunities presented by close connections among Mainland and Hong Kong, the University has a clear positioning to strengthen its foothold and extend its reach on the Mainland.

The University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Guangzhou Municipal Government to strengthen collaborations to attract and nurture talents. It has the objective of developing quality professionals with creativity and global vision to promote the advancement of Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region. On the research front, the Guangzhou Municipal Government will support HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School to take a higher level and to promote the applications of new technologies.

HKUST signed an agreement with Nanjing Talents Affairs Office. Conducted under the framework of CEPA Nanjing and Hong Kong, the collaboration will focus on training, technology and cultural exchange.

Leveraging its strengths in scientific research, the University signed a memorandum with the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics to foster collaboration, identifying aims and directions for cooperation in the field of aeronautics.

In the beginning of November, the Science China Press and the Chinese Science Bulletin arranged a visit of seven Fellows from the China Academy of Sciences to HKUST. HKUST hosted two seminars, during which Prof Li Wei and Prof Guo Guangcan, Chief Editors from Information Science gave presentations on breakthrough research.

Mainland media continue to report about HKUST. The People's Daily had an interview with President Tony F Chan, HKUST faculty and students. The paper published a feature on the University's success achieved in merely 20 years. The Hunan TV produced a special feature on HKUST which helps Mainland students learn more about HKUST.