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Science and Technology Forum
Distinguished speakers and the University's senior management at the HKUST Science and Technology Forum

HKUST hosted a major Forum on science and technology 'Innovation for the Future of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta' with leading experts from academia, industry and government from around the world to discuss about developing innovation and technology and strengthening collaboration between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta. The event was co-organized by the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Hong Kong Institution of Science.

The Forum was part of the University's efforts to spearhead Hong Kong's socioeconomic development through research and tap into opportunities for Mainland-Hong Kong collaborations in view of China's Twelve Five-Year Plan.

Over 20 keynote speeches and discussion sessions were held on themes ranging from innovative education to science and technology policy recommendations. The first day of the Forum centered on the theme 'Science and Technology: Innovation for the Future of Hong Kong'. Prof Tony F Chan, HKUST President, delivered a keynote speech on the role of research-oriented universities of S&T in the knowledge economy. Prof Arden L Bement Jr, Director of Purdue University's Global Policy Research Institute and Former Director of the US National Science Foundation spoke on the role of government in S&T policy, globalization of R&D and challenges to Asia and other countries. Dr Yen-shiang Shih, Minister of Economic Affairs and Board Member of the Commerce Development Research Institute of Taiwan shared insights on Taiwan's journey to the knowledge economy. Prof Wang Zhongtuo, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Director of the Research Center for Knowledge Science and Technology in Dalian University of Technology addressed the importance of R&D in a knowledge economy and the roles of enterprise, academia and government. Alumnus Mr Sing-cheong Liu, Chairman of MyTopHome (China) Holdings Ltd, spoke on innovation in traditional business.

Ir Dr the Hon Raymond Chung-tai Ho, Member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong SAR Government, Dr Chun-ying Leung, Former Convenor of the Non-official Members of the Executive Council of the Hong Kong SAR Government, Prof France A Córdova, President of Purdue University as well as President of the National Science Board, USA, and Prof Chia-wei Woo, HKUST Founding President engaged in a dialogue on S&T development strategies as well as knowledge transfer. Ir Dr the Hon Samson Wai-ho Tam and the Hon Mrs Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, LegCo Members, Dr York Liao, Co-founder and Executive Director of Varitronix International Ltd, Prof Yuk-shan Wong, Fellow of the Institution of Science and HKUST Vice-President (Administration and Business), Prof Matthew Yuen, Head of HKUST's Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mr Nicholas Brooke, Chairman of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation, Dr Nim-kwan Cheung, CEO of the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute, conducted panel discussions on S&T policies in Hong Kong.

In his speech on 'The Role of a Research University of Science and Technology in a Knowledge Society', HKUST President Prof Tony F Chan opined that major financial centers around the world also need S&T innovation which is crucial for the development of any society in this knowledge era. The situation is much more favorable now to develop S&T and we need to fully utilize our favorable factors to effectively enhance its value-added capacity. In recent years, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan have been actively supporting the development of innovation and technology in various ways, such as increasing resource input and formulating S&T-friendly policies. As the only university of science and technology in Hong Kong, HKUST will continue to educate the next generation of innovators and promote entrepreneurships. Prof Chan also suggested that the Hong Kong Government shall take the lead to further win-win collaborations with Mainland China. S&T is of utmost importance to the future of Hong Kong. Hong Kong needs to increase R&D spending and create a high-level bureau to coordinate the many different parts of the S&T innovation system. We must be ready to try, and have no fear of failure. 

 Prof Joseph Hun-wei Lee, HKUST Vice-President for Research and Graduate Studies and Chair of Organizing Committee for Science and Technology Forum, pointed out that innovative technology can be broadly applied in the public sector and infrastructure projects, to improve services, increase efficiency and create significant impact and wealth.

The Forum also witnessed the presentation of the first ever HKUST Technology Industry Innovation Award to Mr Huateng Ma, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings Limited. He delivered a speech on 'Reflections on the Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the IT Industry in China'.

The Forum held at the HKUST Fok Ying Tung Graduate School in Nansha on the second day was titled 'Guangzhou's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan": Integration of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta'. Officiating guests at the Forum were Ms Wang Yan, Vice Chief, MOST China Science and Technology Center, Mr Li Xinghua, Director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Ms Gong Erzhen, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou Municipal Government, Mr Xie Xuening, Director of Guangzhou Science and Information Technology Bureau, Mr Qu Shaobing, Director of Guangzhou Education Bureau, together with Mr Yuan Guiyang, Director of Nansha District Government of Guangzhou. Guest speakers included Ms Janet Wing-chen Wong, Commissioner for Innovation and Technology of the Hong Kong SAR Government, HKUST alumnus Mr Sing-cheong Liu, Chairman of MyTopHome (China) Holdings Ltd and Dr Jack Lau, Chairman and CEO of Perception Digital Ltd and other Mainland business leaders. They discussed about knowledge transfer and commercialization. It also featured the launch ceremony of the University's 'Smart Green Building' project and the establishment of The National Engineering Research Center for Industrial Automation (South China).

The Forum also witnessed the presentation of the first ever HKUST Technology Industry Innovation Award to Mr Huateng Ma, Chairman and CEO of Tencent Holdings Limited