Teaching and Research
Promoting the Greening of Hong Kong

The world is getting more and more environmentally conscious. Sweden, at the forefront of the movement, has eco-villages. In Hong Kong, thanks to HKUST, we now have an eco-park, a 3000 square meters area designed and managed by none other than HKUST, a local leader in environmental protection and education.

HKUST Eco-Park is a project that promotes all the values dear to our hearts and to 334 reformers. It began by engaging the community, the Sai Kung District Council and Mission Health Greens both having thrown in their support. The park offers the promise of supporting government and commercial green initiatives. A significant number of primary and secondary schools are also engaged, not to mention our own students who will enjoy an interactive and out-of-classroom experience to learn all about environmental conservation and carbon management.

In parallel to its educational objectives, this multi-purpose garden also offers a platform for a plethora of research interests, including the study of solar power, wind power, solar-assisted absorption refrigeration system, LED lighting technology, air purification and water recycling—a range of green energy technologies with rich potential for commercial applications.

The University is into building a nursery and propagation area, a biodiversity zone, butterfly and bee garden, as well as an education trail shortly.

Go pay the park a visit—it is ours for now, a proud HKUST project that will be flying our environmental colors for Hong Kong to see.