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Sighting of Wild Boars on Campus
March 2016
Sighting of Wild Boars on Campus
HKUST is situated in a rural environment which serves as a habitat for various wild animals.  From time to time, they do venture onto our campus grounds and are encountered by members of our campus community.  In recent months, roaming boars have been spotted at various locations on campus, both during the day and at night.  No adverse incident has been reported.  Nonetheless, we have to bear in mind that while they appear peaceful and harmless, these boars are wild and easily provoked. They could launch a sudden attack when they feel threatened.  
When you see roaming boars, do not feed them.  Keep clam, stay away and leave them undisturbed. If crossing their paths, you might wish to wait until they leave before proceeding.  If necessary, call the Security Office at 2358 8999 for immediate assistance.  For further advice, please visit the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department website at the link below: