Campus Health and Safety
September 2015
Result of Vehicle Emissions Tests on Campus in February 2015
With the full support from HSEO and FMO/Security Office, the Environmental Protection Department of HKSAR conducted a survey on air pollutants emitted from private cars in HKUST. The survey was conducted at LG6 open car park for four consecutive days in February 2015. Air pollutants such as hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide generated by vehicle exhaust emissions were tested. A sample of the “Emission Test Form” is shown below for reference: 
When we compare the results of the vehicle emissions test and the average fuel consumption in 2009 and 2015 from the table below, we can find that the passing rate had improved significantly, meaning that the air pollution induced by vehicle emissions had been reduced in our campus.


No. of car participate

No. of car <2,500cc

No. of car >2,500cc

No. of car passed in emission test

No. of car failed in emission test

Average consumption

Gas price at that time; around

2009 55 51 4 50 5 $1.64/km $14.5
2015 34 34 0 33 1 $0.9/km $14.1