Welcome to the inaugural edition of e-Genesis. In the past, our campus journal has always come to you in printed format. But with the rapid spread of the Internet and the change in people's reading habits and sources of reading, we think it is time we go digital, as we believe that doing so will make our journal more universally accessible as well as more environmentally-friendly. Beginning with this issue, the electronic edition of our campus journal will come to you twice a year, alternating with two printed editions for a total of four issues. This is an experimental arrangement whereby we combine the convenience of universal online access with the satisfaction of having in hand a hard copy in different seasons.

Genesis is a key campus journal, important as a tool in contributing to the cohesiveness of this increasingly multicultural campus. We will make every effort to reflect every facet of campus life and development, bringing to you what is significant in our university and improving our coverage of an evolving community.

Happy reading !


Philip Yeung